If you have customers who want to promote their products on your site, Advanced Advertising System can help you. Advanced Advertising System is WordPress plugin which help you manage advertisers, control campaign especially the pricing model for each advertiser. You can manage ads zone(position) and specify the pricing model(CPM, CPC, CPP) for each zone slot. Front-end display is based on priority system. These are only some features for the original version, AAS also has more cool features on the professional version which I want you to check it out !


Auto Email

When the campaign expires or nearly expires, the system will send a notification email for noticing those advertiser who may want to continue their ads.

Ajax Loader

When you are using a caching plugin, if campaign expired or reached budget limit, the caching plugin will definitely not know anything. Ajax loader will absolutely be your truely best friend.

Rich media banner

Rich media banner is made by javascript for a special effect such as sidekick and popover ads.

Pricing Model

Select how to calculate bill for each campaign. There are 3 of them : CPC, CPM, CPP. In addition, in the future, there will be a CPA add-on.

Click Fraud Prevention

When someone is spamming clicks or some robots explore your site, there is some function which will ignore them for logging.

Advanced Filters

In the campaign section, there are 6 advanced filters : term taxonomy filter, object term filter, page filter, WP template filter, URL filter and user's info filter. Their job is to check if banners should be displayed on that page.

Graph Report

Reports are necessary thing for every advertisers to see how their ads grow. AAS provides 4 filters, 2 report types and 3 chart types for the report

Budget Controls

In the campaign section, there are many fields which control budget for advertiser. For example, budget limit, total impressions and more.


This plugin supports every device screens including mobile and tablet screen.
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Excellent Plugin – Better than many I’ve seen. I had one little issue, but I’m very satisfied with the plugin. Very well written and explained.



I have disabled it for now and the queries have stopped but I would definitely like to keep using your plugin because it is my favourite by far.

Phil Vale


Excellent! It is by far the best ad management plugin we have found.

Jeff Surdej


Great plugin, I’m enjoying it.

Hi smart, thanks for replying so quickly. I’ve set up more and everything seems to work correctly now! I think I may have had another setting wrong as well.

Mike Sweeney


I have tried probably all ad related plugins. This one offers deep control for ads, campaigns, advertisers, has complete reports and it’s easy to use. I highly recommend it.

Laurentiu Stoica

Well, I would try to start my website and if it will be going well, I would kindly ask you for customization AAS system for The event calendar. Of course, I am ready to pay you for it and buy PRO version as well.
So I will let you know after AAS customization will be needed.
Thank you so much for your quick replies!

Tomas Vohradnik


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