The concept

The plugin has four main sections : Zone, Advertiser, Campaign and Banner


  • Zone is a wrapper of ads for displaying on the frontend.
  • To control the price for each zones which definitely have different prices.
  • To display zone, we could use shortcode [aas_zone zone_id="xx"] on the text editor or PHP code <?php echo do_shortcode('[aas_zone zone_id="xx"]'); ?> or use a widget on widget page to display.


  • The customer who want to promote their product.
  • All payment will be summerized here.
  • Campaigns will be the children of advertiser.
  • Each of advertisers could have a lot of campaigns.


  • A main controller for this plugin.
  • They are the children of advertiser.
  • Banners will be the child of campain.
  • Each of campaigns could have a lot of banners.
  • Campaign must be attached to the zone(s) to display on frontend.


  • The media for displaying on frontend.
  • They are the children of campaign.


In conclusion, the structure should be like this :



Setting Up

  1. Setup a zone
  2. Setup an advertiser, save and then add new campaign see the arrow on the second illustration below .
  3. On campaign section, the Campaign Owner will probably be the advertiser you have added. Don't  forget to select the zone(s) on the Displaying field see the arrow on the third illustration below (Important note : The size dropdown just filters the zone, you have to select the zone below the size filter. On the illustration, the size filter is 125x125 and the zone is Ads Block). Otherwise, the campaign won't be displayed.
  4. Save the campaign, and add new banner. The parent of banner should be the campaign you have added before.
  5. Save the banner and bring the zone on the frontend, it's done !