Full Features

Zone Manager

  • Zone Size
  • 5 Rich media types selector
  • Availibility of devices
  • 3 Rotation Types
  • 8 Rotation Effects
  • Zone Pricing

Advertiser Manager

  • Statistics Tracking
  • Payment History
  • Parent controller for campaigns and banners.

Campaign Manager

  • Pricing Model
  • Budget Limitation
  • Campaign Priority
  • Campaign Schedule
  • Impression Limitation
  • View Count Resetter
  • Campaign Filters - See advanced filters

Banner Manager

  • Banner Priority
  • Primary Media
  • Secondary Media
  • 3 options to pick your medias

Advanced Filters

  • Term Taxonomy Filter - this filter effect a term archive page.
  • Object Term Filter - this filter effect a single object.
  • Page Filter - use for filtering specific pages.
  • WP Template Filter - Take advantages of wordpress hierarchy for filtering.
  • User Info Filter - Use user's information for filtering.
  • URL Filter - Specific URL filtering. 

Notification Email

  • Auto Email when a campaign expires
  • Auto Emai when a campaign is updated
  • Auto Email when a campaign nearly expires

Report System

  • 2 Reports
  • 3 Chart Types
  • 4 Time Filters
  • Chart Image is attached in an email and send to the advertiser.

The rest of cool features

  • Frontend Ajax-Loading
  • Responsive Mode
  • Click Fraud Prevention

4 thoughts on “Full Features

  1. Hey there!
    Please, answer the question.
    I will use on my site dynamic and static banners. For example: i can use only 6 banners on 1 page but i have 10 customers. 3 of them pay for static banner and other (7 customres) – for dynamic. So when page reload i must show different 3 dynamic banners (7 customres).
    Can i use this feature with your Advanced Advertising System in my WordPress?
    Tnx alot for answer!

  2. For the campaign schedule, can i set the start date instead of using the published date? Does this plugin provides any front-end buy and sell ads add-on?

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