Does the plugin support if advertisers want to purchase ads via payment gateway and publish their ads ?

The PRO version alone, does not support this function because it is a post-paid payment. The payment occurs after views and clicks occur, the total payment will be summarized when the campaign ends.

However, because there are so many requests about purchasing ads online, this feature will be available on a future add-on which makes the payment becomes pre-paid. It will launch very soon.

Why there are no banners show on the responsive mode when browsing on PC ?

If you enable the responsive mode and you find that the banners display only on smartphone but not on PC, you should put some width on the parent div which wrap the AAS shortcode. The case which I have seen the most is parent div was set to float:left or float:right but no specific width on them. The solution is to give them width such as :
div#parent {width:728px; max-width:100%;}
This css code should solve the problem.

How can I display ads ?

Please visit

Why do I see only white space, no images or banners are displayed ?

Make sure you have create the 4 things step by step. This case is usually caused by setting of campaign. You have to ensure that you have set everything correctly, especially for campaign filters.

Also please make sure your browser doesn’t enable Ads Block browser’s plugin.

How can I get the plugin?

After you have paid completely you will automatically redirect into a download page and we will attach an activation key in the notification email. If your internet connection loses between that time, don’t be worry, please contact me. I will re-send you the download link.

In order to upgrade from a professional to a developer version, how could I do that?

Please contact me and I will send you a coupon discount equal to the payment you have paid on the professional one.

Is the products refundable?

You should read policy & refund before purchasing

Questions and tickets

Email me at